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Enemy Number
Red Bloon 306
Blue Bloon 692
Green Bloon 1177
Yellow Bloon 1852
Black Bloon 935
White Bloon 581


Pre-Round CommentsEdit

  1. Welcome to Bloons Tower Defense! Stop the Bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze. As you get more money build more towers or upgrading existing ones.
  2. That was too easy, press 'Start Round' to play the next round.
  3. Still super easy, you didn't miss any did you?
  4. Blue bloons move faster and have red bloons inside them.
  5. Remember to spend your money.
  6. Green bloons move even faster and have blue bloons inside them!
  7. Lots of blue ones coming up. Hope you're ready...
  8. The dart tower piercing upgrade allows darts to pop up to 2 bloons each.
  9. Ice towers work best with bomb towers nearby.
  10. Are you ready for a whole bunch of greens?
  11. Yellow bloons are - you guessed it, even bigger and even faster and have greens inside them.
  12. Tower upgrades are usually a better option than just adding more towers.
  13. Tower defense is about what towers you use and where you put them.
  14. The super monkey tower is not a joke, he really kicks ***!
  15. You lose one life for every bloon that escapes. So a blue bloon  costs you two lives, a green one three lives etc.
  16. I've tried and you can't pass the game using only tack towers. You can slow the game down a lot though.
  17. Relax a bit, there are no yellow bloons in the next level.
  18. Have you played Bloons?
  19. A whole bunch of greens coming up.
  20. Too easy. Let's step this up a bit.
  21. Place your towers so that they can be shooting at something for a long time, corners are good.
  22. Ready for 45 straight yellows?
  23. Yellowsgreens, then more yellows - that should take care of you...
  24. Did you know that the Greek national anthem has 136 verses?
  25. 93% of American teenage girls say shopping is their favorite activity.
  26. Tack towers are really useful for thinning out the crowds - get the speed upgrade for extra effectiveness.
  27. Black bloons are nasty - they are small but contain 2 yellows inside them. Oh did I mention they are IMMUNE TO BOMBS?!
  28. When you sell a tower, you get 80% of what you paid for it, including all the upgrade money you spent.
  29. Lots and lots of yellows - more than a hundred even, followed by a bunch of black bloons.
  30. Next is a cash round - pop hundreds and hundreds of greens to top up your money. If you leak any I'll wince.
  31. Monkeys aren't so good at shooting at things moving to their left. Something about being right handed I guess.
  32. The good thing about black bloons is that they move slower than yellows.
  33. A - lot of yellows.
  34. 10% of people lose their temper every day. If they play Counterstrike its more like 90% I think...
  35. You will probably need to use every tower type to finish the game.
  36. You can improve frame rate a bit by having no towers selected during the round.
  37. Just black bloons coming up. Lots of 'em.
  38. Just around the corner there are a throng of yellow bloons waiting to have a go...
  39. Just for fun, there are some of each colour bloon in the next level. Enjoy popping those easy reds for a change.
  40. 80 black bloons. Enjoy.
  41. Its important to not lose early lives, because the levels are only getting harder.
  42. White bloons are IMMUNE TO FREEZING - and they also have 2 yellows inside them.
  43. How many monkeys does it take to make a super monkey? That stuff will keep you up at night.
  44. Lots and lots and lots of black bloons. More than ever.
  45. Lots and lots and lots of WHITE bloons. More than ever.
  46. Lots of white, then black, then yellow bloons. The next level is going to hurt.
  47. You still playing? I'm impressed, I couldn't get this far without cheating.
  48. You got any super monkeys yet? Are they really worth all that money?
  49. Its ok if you don't pass this level. Really it is. Just hit 'try again'. Its the effort that counts.
  50. This is the last level. There are TONS AND TONS of black AND white bloons coming. Hope you have lots of lives left...


Bloons Tower Defense Screenshot