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Super Smash Bros MeleeEdit

Giga Bowser makes his first appearance in Super Smash Bros Melee as the final boss of the game's Adventure Mode. Giga Bowser will be fought after Bowser during the mode's final stage if the player is playing on Normal difficulty or higher, has made it to the end in under 18 minutes and hasn't used a continue. Giga Bowser is also fought as an opponent in The Showdown, the game's final Event.

Giga Bowser is almost twice the size of Bowser, and is far heavier. He shares his normal form's moveset, thoughhis moves are far stronger and often have different properties.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

An even more imposing figure than the original King of the Koopas. Giga Bowser is roughly twice the size of his scaly, fire-breathing, spike-studded Super Smash Bros. Melee counterpart. Predictably, this monstrous creature's offensive and defensive powers are a grade higher than those of regular Bowser. Good luck defeating this colossus!

Super Smash Bros BrawlEdit

Trophy DescriptionEdit

Bowser, transformed into the terrible and brutal form first seen in Super Smash Bros. Melee. While in this form, he's invulnerable—he takes no damage and cannot be budged. His appearance is so fierce, it's as if he doesn't even belong in the Smash Bros. universe. He cannot maintain this form for long, so dealing out damage efficiently is key.

Super Smash Bros UltimateEdit

Giga Bowser returns in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, both as Bowser's Final Smash and as one of the possible final bosses in the game's Classic Mode.


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