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Alternate NamesEdit

  • Met
  • Mettaur



Game Number
Official Games
Mega Man 7
Mega Man 2 8
Mega Man 3 10+
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8
Mega Man & Bass
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10 17 20
Mega Man Powered Up
Mega Man X
Mega Man X8
Fan Games
Mega Man Unlimited 19

Mega ManEdit


Level Number
Guts Man's Stage 7
Total 7


HP 1
Attack 1
Weakness Mega Buster
Score 500

Mega Man 2Edit


Level Number
Crash Man's Stage 4
Wily Stage 2 4
Total 8


HP 1
Attack 2 (Shots), 4 (Contact)
Weakness Atomic Fire

Mega Man 3Edit


Level Number
Hard Man's Stage 2
Needle Man's Stage 5
Top Man's Stage 3
Total 10+

Mega Man 9Edit


HP 1
Attack 2
Weakness Mega Buster

Mega Man 10Edit


Level Easy Normal Hard
Highway 0 0
Minefield 12 14
Old Castle 0 0
Wily Castle 1 2 3
Wily Castle 2 3 3
Total 17 20

Mega Man X8Edit


HP 3
Attack 2 (Contact), 2 (Shots)

Mega Man X: Command MissionEdit


Type Mettaur
Level 5
Life Energy 550
EXP 18
Zenny 12
FME 24
Power 20
Armour 90
Shield 62
Speed 50
Steal Shield+1
Drop Tank Energy 10, Tomahawk
Fire 100% DMG
Water 100% DMG
Thunder 100% DMG

Mega Man UnlimitedEdit


Level Number
Glue Man's Stage 5
Nail Man's Stage 4
Tank Man's Stage 3
Trinitro Man's Stage 1
Whirlpool Man's Stage 2
Yoku Man's Stage 3
Occupied Wily Stage 1 1
Total 19

Mega Man RPGEdit


Energy Attack Defense Speed
50 30 100 20


The Met series, sometimes referred to as Metool, Mettal, or Mettaur, was originally designed for mining and construction. It is protected by a hardhat-like shell made from ceratanium, capable of resisting falling debris and small-arms fire.

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DSEdit

Trophy DescriptionEdit

This enemy comes to Smash Bros. from the Mega Man series, bringing its distinct yellow helmet along with it. Usually hiding under its helmet, every so often a Mettaur will show its face to fire off a few shots. You can't hurt them when they hunker down, but you can grab them...


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