Raditz is a Saiyan who appears as an antagonist in the Dragon Ball Series. One of the few remaining Saiyans after the destruction of their home planet, Raditz invades Earth to seek out his brother Goku and recruit him to conquer more planets for the Frieza Force.


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(CV: Shigeru Chiba, JP/ Justin Cook, US)

Bardock's oldest son and Goku's older brother.

Raised as a pure Saiyan so, unlike Goku, he has an extremely cruel personality. He has no affection toward his younger brother.

In an attempt to gain Saiyan control of the Earth and coerce his brother to join him in his mission, he kidnaps Goku's son, Gohan. Seeing his father in danger, Gohan explodes with rage and delivers a massive amount of damage to Raditz in a single blow. Taking advantage of the situation, Goku puts Raditz in a headlock and demands of Piccolo to kill them both with his Special Beam Cannon.

Just before his death, he sneered that two more powerful Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, would be coming to earth in one year's time. Irate, Piccolo finishes him off.

Born into the lowest warrior class, and lacking experience in life-or-death battles, his battle power is among the lowest for Saiyans. He also has not built up his tail muscles, and is referred to by his comrades as "that weakling Raditz".

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Raditz is one of the few surviving Saiyans and Goku's older brother.

Raditz went to Earth to help with the planet's invasion, and to persuade his younger brother Goku to join the Saiyans in their conquest. However, disappointed to discover that Goku had lost his memories and adjusted to life on Earth, Raditz kidnapped Gohan and tried to force Goku to become an ally.

Though in battle he mainly relies on brute strength, he also displays a cunning side, as when he pretended to reform his ways to make Goku drop his guard.

Though Goku and the other Z-fighers were awestruck by Raditz's display of power, to the elite Saiyans like Vegeta and Nappa, Raditz is still considered a weak "low-class" soldier.

Great ApeEdit

Raditz changes into this form under the light of the full moon.

While transformed into a giant ape he loses his intelligence, but his power level increases tenfold.

He is difficult to distinguish from other Saiyan apes, but he is marked by the color of his coat.

In the anime and manga, Raditz never transforms into a giant ape; this version of the character is an original creation for the video game.

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  • Retries: 1
  • Type: Ki Blast
  • Base Power Level: 205
  • Base HP: 15,000
  • Blast Spark: Medium Ki Blast
  • Unique A: Death To You Fools!
  • Unique B: Here's A Present For You!
  • Special: Die!

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  • 31,500

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  • Raditz's Initiation Test (Level 5, HP: 4,451)
  • Lesson 1 (Level 10, HP: 6,353)
    • Saturday Crash
  • Lesson 2 (Level 15, HP: 7,959)
    • Shining Friday
  • Lesson 3 (Level 21, HP: 9,571)
    • Saturday Crash
    • Double Sunday
    • Shining Friday
    • Weekend


  • Lesson 1 (Level 9, HP: 5,998)
    • Saturday Crash


  • Lesson 2 (Level 10, HP: 6,353)
    • Saturday Crash

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  • HP: 300
  • BP: 1500
  • Ki Attacks: Energy Wave, Super Wave
  • BP Won: 120

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First BattleEdit

  • 9000 HP

Raditz's SoulEdit

  • 7500 HP

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Special AttacksEdit


  • Saturday Crash

Super Saiyan 3Edit

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Raditz (1)Edit

  • Power: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Spirit: 1

Raditz (2)Edit

  • Power: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Spirit: 1


  • Mysterious warriors from space - 2 Health Bars - Player
  • Unlikely Alliance - 2 Health Bars - Enemy

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Like the other Saiyans, his tail allows him to turn into a great ape with the energy of the moon.


Move Type Level Power Accuracy PP
Punch Fighting 1 40 100% 35
Tail Smash Normal 1 60 95% 20
Saiyan Power Normal 13 -- --% 20
Ki Blast Fire 20 90 100% 20
Headbutt Normal 26 70 100% 15
Zenkai Normal 34 -- --% 10


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