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Bob-omb BattlefieldEdit

Before Fighting King Bob-ombEdit

I'm the Big Bob-omb, baron of all blasting matter, king of ka-booms the world over! How dare you scale my mountain? By what right do you set foot on my imperial mountaintop? You may have eluded my guards, but you'll never escape my grasp... and you'll never take away my Power Star. I hereby challenge you Mario! If you want the star I hold, you must prove yourself in battle. Can you pick me up and hurl me to this royal turf? I think that you cannot!

After Defeating King Bob-ombEdit

Whaaa....Whaaat? Can it be that a pipsqueak like you has defused the the Bob-omb King???? You might be fast enough to ground me, but you'll have to pick up the pace if you want to take King Bowser by the tail. Me thinks my troops could learn a lesson from you! Here is your star, as I promised, Mario. If you want to see me again, just select this Star from the menu. For now, farewell.


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