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The purpose of this Wiki (which I am fully aware is unachievable) is to try and provide a comprehensive database on videogames, and all their features. While my status as the Wiki's sole editor may leave it fairly specialised (not to mention often lacking in detail), much of the information added to this wiki will at the time be unavailable elsewhere, so view it if you wish.

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Put simply, video games of all kinds.

Major CategoriesEdit

This wiki maintains a thorough category hierarchy, with all pages given relevant Categories to make navigation easier. Listed below are some of the wiki's major categories.

  • Games - This contains stand-alone games of all types - official or unofficial, paid or free, physical or digital. Software that requires other games to function, including downloadable content and hacks, go in separate categories.
  • Levels
  • Characters
  • Playable Characters
  • Bosses
  • Enemies

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